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From Tom Eugelink <t...@tbee.org>
Subject Re: constant strings
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 15:18:50 GMT

On 2-5-2012 17:07, Eric Jablow wrote:
> Actually, there are reasons to use resource files.  If you use a label on
> more than one page, or even more than once on a single page, and if your
> application is changing as you develop it, you may want to change the text
> for a label, and you probably will want to change all the labels at once.
> So, you can do a multi-file search/replace, or you may change just one
> properties file. And, there's a value in consistency too. Some people go to
> the extreme of never including any plain text in an html file at all.

I know. I use resources file often, but the scenario that I'm in now lets me lean towards
not using them; "Java applications are always bloated" and arguments like that. Here the additional
layer of a resource file it is not really needed.

Conceptual discussion aside, the question of not storing constant values in the state seems
valid to me.


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