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From "Chris Colman" <chr...@stepaheadsoftware.com>
Subject RE: Problem with relative URLs
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2012 09:15:21 GMT
The problem is related to non standard (i.e. "wicket") namespaces.

In my quickstart if I change the namespace in all markup from "wicket"
to "foobar" then the BPL which has only the last segment differing from
the current page ends up producing an incorrect link to another page in
the same path.


Browser is at this page:

	Here's a relative link to another page in the same 'path'
		<a foobar:id="janeLink" href="../../../../../jane"
style="outline: 0;">
	A link to the current page
	<a foobar:id="fredLink" href="fred">fred</a>

The above BPL href of ../../../../../jane is wrong.

With 'wicket' set as the namespace the 'jane' BPL outputs 'jane' which
is correct.

This same code worked with the non standard namespace under 1.4.x

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