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From Anthony DePalma <fatef...@gmail.com>
Subject Global Ajax indicator doesn't hide for AjaxEditableChoiceLabel updates
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2010 02:28:23 GMT
I was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue, or has any
advice. All other ajax calls work fine with the IAjaxIndicatorAware
interface on my abstract page, the loading div displays and hides
after the request is finished, however, when using the onSubmit of an
AjaxEditableChoiceLabel to update a panel, the loading div displays
and gets stuck, even after the request is updated. The loading div
will remain on the screen until I refresh it.

Here is my code for the ajax choice label, similar to my other ajax
links. This is being viewed in Chrome by the way,

add(new AjaxEditableChoiceLabel<Integer>("priority", priorities) {
			protected void onSubmit(AjaxRequestTarget target) {
				// service call

				if(target != null)
					target.addChildren(getPage(), TaskPanel.class);

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