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From Dmitry Grigoriev <m...@dimgel.ru>
Subject Are there any cases when I can rearrange component tree?
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2010 03:41:37 GMT
Hello all,

I'm new to Wicket. Just wonder about subj (theoretical interest). On one
hand, stateful component model has no architectural limitations on its
own preventing me from reattaching component to different parent, just
like I can do with desktop applications or with any self-contained tree
structure. On another hand, Wicket's component tree structure is bound
to hard-coded markup, making such change-of-parent impossible.Is there
any opportunity to do this? (No matter how sophisticated.)

The reason for my interest is that I'm collecting ideas for stateless
components support in my web framework. Stateless component hierarchy
would likely be immutable (hard-coded into application logic rather than
state) which looks like a significant limitation at first sight,
compared to "do-anything-you-want" desktop programming. But I don't yet
have much experience with web component frameworks and don't know is
this limitation really annoying or not. For now it seems to me that
Wicket has this limitation too but does not suffer a lot from it. Am I



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