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From Andrea Del Bene <adelb...@ciseonweb.it>
Subject Re: Nested forms onSubmit() question ...
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 15:12:56 GMT
Hi Armando,

have you tried calling method visitChildren(Form.class, visitor) in the 
main onSubmit? Maybe this could help you to gather  children's data 
before submit root form.


> Hey wicket ppl ...
> Is there any beforeSubmit() event like method available on Form.
> I need it cause I have nested forms and only one form is allowed to store
> data in the database, so if I had a method beforeSubmit() all my nested
> forms could send data to the root form and root form would submit it to the
> database. I also though of it because I was looking at sources of Form class
> and nested forms onSubmit() method gets called after main form onSubmit() is
> executed, so In my case data is first stored into database and after that
> nested forms provide data to the main form to be stored in database.
> So either I implement procesing on my own (which I really wouldn't like to
> do, cause it's allready there (validation, processing, etc...)) or is there
> a beforeSubmit() kinda way available and I can't find it anywhere ...
> Any help appreciated.
> Regards
> Armando

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