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From Jimi <jimi.hulleg...@mogul.com>
Subject Re: Javascript string formatting problem with DateTextField and DatePicker
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2010 12:11:10 GMT

Ok, I managed to find the problem using the javascript debug function of
Firebug, but I have no idea on how to solve it.

The problematic code lies in the file wicket-date.js:

125  /**
126  * Return the result of interpolating the value (date) argument with the
date pattern.
127  * The dateValue has to be an array, where year is in the first, month
in the second
128  * and date (day of month) in the third slot.
129  */
130  Wicket.DateTime.substituteDate = function(datePattern, date) {
131  day = date[2];
132  month = date[1];
133  year = date[0];
134  // optionally do some padding to match the pattern
135  if(datePattern.match(/dd+/)) day =
136  if(datePattern.match(/MM+/)) month =
137  if(datePattern.match(/yy+/)) year =
Wicket.DateTime.padDateFragment(year % 100);
138  // replace pattern with real values
139  return datePattern.replace(/d+/, day).replace(/M+/,
month).replace(/y+/, year);
140  } 

On the line 137 it truncates the year from 2010 to 10, and simply ignores
the fact that I want a 4 digit year.

When I did the same debugging on the example on wicketstuff.org I found that
this javascript function looked a little bit different:

80  Wicket.DateTime.substituteDate = function(datePattern, date) {
71  day = date[2];
72  month = date[1];
73  year = date[0];
74  if(datePattern.match(/dd+/)) day = Wicket.DateTime.padDateFragment(day);
75  if(datePattern.match(/MM+/)) month =
76  if(datePattern.match(/byy+/)) year =
Wicket.DateTime.padDateFragment(year % 100);
77  return datePattern.replace(/d+/, day).replace(/M+/, month).replace(/y+/,
78  } 

Here on line 76 it sees if the datePattern matches "byy+", I have no idea
what that 'b' i supposed to mean, but the result is that it doesn't truncate
the year from 4 to 2 digits.

I also noted that these two *different* wicket-date.js files contain the
exact same versioning information:

YAHOO.register("wicket-date", Wicket.DateTime, {version: "1.3.0", build:

So, does anyone know what I can do to get the correct wicket-date.js? Or
should I report this as a bug somewhere? The way I see it, the javascript
should check if the datepattern matches "yyyy" and then leave the year as it

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