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From Uwe Schäfer <schae...@thomas-daily.de>
Subject Re: Wicket JavaScript Library Integration - A Common Base
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2010 16:02:26 GMT
Cemal Bayramoglu schrieb:

dear Cemal,

> I was thinking that it could possibly be sensible to have another
> project where we abstract out the mechanisms wiQuery provides for
> resources and JavaScript statements. 

i have no idea of how wiQuery does it, but i strongly agree to the 
urgent need of a standard base for JS-lib integration.

 > People could then build on this
 > base to integrate their preferred JavaScript libraries (eg YUI, extJS,
 > Prototype ...). I would even see wiQuery being potentially refactored
 > to use such a base framework.
 > Any thoughts?

the problem arises quickly when you try to use two components using 
different (because of being bundled) versions of jquery (or anything 
else) on the same page.

i think the responsibility of that lib would be to act as a mediator to 
which version of the javascript to use as well as making sure, there is 
only one reference within a page.

there has to be a standard within wicket, that every component-author 
can agree on.

from my pov wicketstuff-core/jslib could have been such a thing (even 
though it violates open/close principle as sven nicely put), but 
whatever approach reaches consensus, i´d be more than happy to help.

cu uwe

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