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From Stephen Nelson <step...@eccostudio.com>
Subject Custom session is null
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 13:47:22 GMT
Hello Wicket Users,

I'm a beginner to wicket having previously used Spring MVC and Struts  
1/2 so definitely from the other side as far as web frameworks go!

Anyway I have a custom session to store a logged-in user; a panel  
component which performs the login; and a form web page.

I'm using Wicket 1.4.1 on Glassfish 2.x and Spring 2.5.6 to hook it  
all together.

I have bookmarkable pages for the login and the form page.

Anyway when I deploy the app I go to login. This works fine and I have  
logger statements when storing the user in the session. Now I go to  
the form page, which after clicking submit, checks if you're logged  
in. This test fails and I'm asked to login. If I now do a further  
login I can return to this form page and it functions as expected. I'm  
not sure why this session object is null the first time around.

If you want me to provide a few code snippets I can.

Many thanks


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