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From Carlo Camerino <car...@sxchange.com.ph>
Subject Wicket Throwing Out Of Memory Errors When AutomaticMultipleWindowSupport is set to true
Date Wed, 30 Sep 2009 06:16:06 GMT

I'm having problems . I think there is a bug in wicket in which the
memory usage zooms up exponentially when i copy and paste a url into a
new tab continuously.
This only happens when I explicity set automaticmultiplewindowsupport
to true. It seems to happen due to multiple page maps for the same

For example I open in a browser

I copy it to my clipboard, open a new tab, paste the url, open a new
tab, paste the url.
Tale note that the url changes in each tab...

Something like

I repeat this for a couple of times, and on the 9th or 10th iteration
the memory usage is way up afterwards I get an outofmemoryerror
already. (lack of heap space)
after checking the profiler, byte[] usage is way up. hundreds of
megabytes high.

I'm using wicket version 1.3.7


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