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From "Bruno Cesar Borges" <brunobor...@cetip.com.br>
Subject Re: make invisible if model object is null
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 12:54:19 GMT
Alright, this is my last try replying with MS Outlook. =) And I will also add more info to
help with this thread.

You can use borders to acomplish what you want. Here's an example:

public abstract class ConditionalHiddenBorder extends Border {

   public ConditionalHiddenBorder(String id) {

   public abstract boolean isVisible();



#EXAMPLE (Wicket's Quickstart)
   public HomePage() {
      final Label label = new Label("message", "If you see this message wicket is properly
configured and running");
      ConditionalHiddenBorder chb = new ConditionalHiddenBorder("border") {

         public boolean isVisible() {
            return label.getDefaultModelObject() != null;

#HTML Example
        <div wicket:id="border">
        	<span wicket:id="message">message will be here</span>

Hope this reply works!


-----Original Message-----
From: kan [mailto:kan.izh@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008 9:03 AM
To: users@wicket.apache.org
Subject: make invisible if model object is null

I use the next construction very often:

<wicket:enclosure child="something">
<p>Something here, description, comments etc: <span

add(new Label("something")
	public boolean isVisible() {
		return super.isVisible() && getDefaultModelObject() != null;

And there are a lot different components which should be hidden with
some arounding text if they have null value of model object.
How to make this more elegant?
First obvious way - inherit from Label, and make something
LabelInvisibleNull, but it is very bad, because a lot different
components (not only Label, but Image, WebMarkupContainer, some my
custom components, etc) require this behavior.
Second - more meaningful - make a IBehavior. But it doesn't work. In
"bind" is to early to check model, but in "beforeRender" is too late
to change visibility.
Is there any other option?

WBR, kan.

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