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From "Wouter de Vaal" <wout...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: users, please give us your opinion: what is your take on generics with Wicket
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2008 07:51:30 GMT
> 1) Generifying* Wicket
>   [x] Can best be done like currently in the 1.4 branch, where models
> and components are both generified. I care most about the improved
> static type checking generified models and components give Wicket.

I had a production quality project with the old 2.0 branch (downgraded it) and
that worked just fine and very intuitive, I was very bummed at the time
I had to add all these hideous type casts. I do not understand the fuss about
generifying everything, I did not have ANY problems using the generics in
my production project (which consists of about 30 wicket classes) and it
was not a simple crud app, I did some funky wicket stuff with this
project (loads
of panels, fragment, own custom component, ajax) and it all just worked.
> 2) How strongly do you feel about your choice above?
>   [X] Whatever choice ultimately made, I'll happily convert/ start
> using 1.4 and up.

Wouter de Vaal

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