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From Jeremy Thomerson <jer...@wickettraining.com>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Release Wicket 1.4.13
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2010 05:08:03 GMT
The Wicket team is proud to announce that we have released Apache Wicket 1.4
.13. This is a bugfix release on the 1.4.x (stable) branch.

To download: http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/wicket/1.4.13
Branch: http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/wicket/branches/wicket-1.4.13/

To use with Maven (the recommended way to use Wicket):

Release Notes - Wicket - Version 1.4.13

** Sub-task
    * [WICKET-3069] - java.rmi not allowed on GAE
    * [WICKET-3112] - Fix of issue 2886 breaks all individual
implementations of any AbstractTree

** Bug
    * [WICKET-2888] - Nullpointer when inserting [i.e. moving] a node in a
TreeTable (AbstactTree, treeNodesInserted)
    * [WICKET-2912] - IE 8 gets 404 error after
continueToOriginalDestination() when app is at root context
    * [WICKET-3052] - HybridUrlCodingStrategy probably uses wrong url
    * [WICKET-3057] - NPE when deleting a TreeNode with visible children
    * [WICKET-3061] - Whole page returns 404 when resource cannot be found
    * [WICKET-3072] - Deleting only child of collapsed tree node doesn't
update the node
    * [WICKET-3074] - CreditCardValidator throws NumberFormatException on
non-numeric characters.
    * [WICKET-3075] - AJAX file upload fails in IE8 due to
Wicket.Ajax.handleMultipart() sniffing wicket:body tags as an HTML body
element when running Wicket in development mode
    * [WICKET-3076] - UrlUtils.isRelative returns false if URL parameter
contains an absolute URL
    * [WICKET-3083] - Broken AbstarctCalendar dependency
    * [WICKET-3084] - CharSetUtil.getEncoding fails with an
    * [WICKET-3087] - Form inside ModalWindow causes 'Submit Button not
visible' exception in parent page's form
    * [WICKET-3095] - Adding AjaxFormSubmitBehavior to Form leads to "Error:
too much recursion" JS Error
    * [WICKET-3098] - AjaxEventBehavior#onEvent is invoked on disabled
    * [WICKET-3102] - WicketTester does not handle
startPage(ITestPageSource) that contains a redirect/setResponsePage
    * [WICKET-3106] - Security: Possible Redirection to foreign Page by
using BrowserInfoPage's PageParameter
    * [WICKET-3108] - Problems with page maps stored in session
    * [WICKET-3116] - class cast exception
    * [WICKET-3119] - Localizer cache does not include style in cache key
when no component is given
    * [WICKET-3120] - AbstractHttpSessionStore.bind throws null pointer
    * [WICKET-3127] - Adding node to a collapsed tree node should not cause
it to expand

** Improvement
    * [WICKET-1779] - Palette component - make image URLs part of CSS
    * [WICKET-1936] - Client-Side Image Map
    * [WICKET-2776] - Enhancing RadioChoice input items with individual
title and css class attributes
    * [WICKET-2937] - AbstractPropertyModel getObjectClass don't consider
nested IObjectClassAwareModel targets
    * [WICKET-3055] - Application fails to start when disk access is denied
    * [WICKET-3056] - Upgrade pom reference for joda-time from 1.6 to 1.6.2
    * [WICKET-3071] - Upgrade maven plugins and non-essential dependencies
to newest version
    * [WICKET-3089] - onBeforeRender in NextButton should not be final
    * [WICKET-3090] - Make SecondLevelCacheSessionStore and its
SecondLevelCachePageMap reusable
    * [WICKET-3128] - FormComponentLabel should open open-close tags like
Label does

** New Feature
    * [WICKET-3082] - Introduce IComponentOnInitializeListener for
cross-cutting concerns

Jeremy Thomerson
*Need a CMS for Wicket?  Use Brix! http://brixcms.org*

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