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From Korbinian Bachl - privat <korbinian.ba...@whiskyworld.de>
Subject Re: JRebel and wicket
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2010 13:40:54 GMT

I don't use jRebel but the differentiation of the add and addOrReplace 
method is something that I still don't understand what it's good for.

Actually if you do in java:

String foo;

foo = new String("world");

no one ever would think about throwing an error because one does

foo = new String("no World"); later on

This add(new Label("foo","message")); should behave IMHO the same as 
overwriting objects (and here we just put a new object to the add 
method) is just natural in java as everyone of us does it every day.

IMHO: make addOrReplace deprecated in next 1.4 release and give add the 
same behaviour as current addOrReplace; in 1.5 addOrReplace can be 
stripped completely;

my 2 cents - now flame on me :)

Am 18.11.10 14:25, schrieb Martijn Dashorst:
> Relaxing the add() method has been proposed before (by Eelco). It is
> not something new, and if it helps people using jrebel to improve
> their productivity, that would be a great side effect.
> The workaround is indeed to go back to a different page and do the
> appropriate clicks again.
> Martijn

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