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From Erik van Oosten <e.vanoos...@grons.nl>
Subject Re: line wrap length (Was: Re: svn commit: r1031086 [1/14] - in /wicket/trunk: ./ archetypes/quickstart/.settings/ testing/wicket-threadtest/.settings/ wicket-auth-roles/.settings/ wicket-datetime/.settings/ wicket-examples/.settings/ wicket-extensions/.settings/ wicket-guice/)
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 08:30:58 GMT
Hi Jeremy,

Code is not only for the developers, as this is an open source project it is 
also read by many many other people that use Wicket. Not all of those developers 
have access to 23" screens. I am often stuck on a 17" screen, many colleagues 
use 2 17" screens. On such screens up to 120 characters is acceptable, 160 not.


Op 05-11-10 06:13, Jeremy Thomerson wrote:
> While we're sort of discussing this, how would everyone feel about
> increasing our line wrap length?  It's currently 100.  I always work on
> widescreens (which even most laptops are now), and love having it closer to
> 160 (or 180, but that's a little much for many folks).
> How would everyone feel about 160?

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