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From Martijn Dashorst <martijn.dasho...@gmail.com>
Subject Future of Wicket Security (WASP/SWARM)
Date Fri, 22 Jan 2010 09:52:56 GMT

I'd like to discuss the future of the Wicket Security project.
Currently the project lives on/in the wicketstuff repository, but uses
group id and package names "org.apache.wicket". IMO We should either:

 - adopt Wicket Security into the Wicket project and move everything
over from Wicket Stuff into a subproject within Apache Wicket (and
adopt the committers), or
 - keep Wicket Security at wicketstuff and move it into the fold of
wicket stuff, including groupid/package rename.

Since development on wicket security 1.4 is currently happening with a
1.4-beta1 just released, it is prudent to decide its future now (with
a pending package rename).

Considering that both the wicket security contributors and the Wicket
PMC members are needed to make this happen, all their opinions are
considered binding.

[ ] adopt Wicket security into Apache Wicket
[ ] keep Wicket security at Wicket Stuff


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