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From Nino Saturnino Martinez Vazquez Wael <nino.marti...@jayway.dk>
Subject Re: Drop wicket:link
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2008 19:11:53 GMT
Hi Bruno

+1 one from my side, the more of those horrible tag things we can get 
away the better, they dont feel very wicket like anyway.. 

And the worst thing I've even begun to use them. I just dont feel that 
they fit into the split logic strategy..

Bruno Cesar Borges wrote:
> This might sound crazy, but what about dropping the support for the tag <wicket:link>
? :-)
> People are starting to use it frequently, and because of that, features will be requested.
And then we might end with a tag library. But, to not freak everybody out, I suggest develop
a markup container to do that.
> Example: 
>    # Java
>    AutoLinkMarkupContainer autolinks = new AutoLinkMarkupContainer("menus");
>    # HTML
>    <ul wicket:id="menus">
>      <li><a href="Users.html">Users</a></li>
>      <li><a href="Departments.html">Departments</a></li>
>    </ul>
> What do you guys think?
> Cheers,
> Bruno
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-Wicket for love

Nino Martinez Wael
Java Specialist @ Jayway DK
+45 2936 7684

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