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From Michael O'Cleirigh <michael.ocleir...@rivulet.ca>
Subject Wicket Stuff commit access
Date Sat, 18 Oct 2008 02:03:27 GMT

I'd like to get commit access to the wicketstuff subversion repository.  
My sourceforge, JIRA and TeamCity id is 'mocleiri'. 
If its easier I can wait for the JIRA and TeamCity setup until after I 
get the code into subversion.

I want to add a DataTable based autocomplete component (I'm hoping for 
wicketstuff-datatable-autocomplete in trunk).  It is attached to the 
markup of say a panel and takes in the model of the text field that 
contains the string to be completed.   

The results come from a DataProvider implementation backed by a 
Trie<Obj> which contains an in memory tree where any string can be used 
to locate a subtree which when traversed provides an ordered list.

We use it at work for searching quickly through reference data,  
primarily a list of about 50k street names and municipalities.



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