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From Thijs Vonk <vonk.th...@gmail.com>
Subject Portlet 2.0 implementation in Wicket
Date Mon, 12 May 2008 13:46:44 GMT
I've started on implementing the portlet 2.0 specifications. I've opened 
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/WICKET-1620 to apply patches to 
when I get something useful.
But I have some questions before I can go any further.

First of all, do we drop portlet 1.0 in favor of portlet 2.0? I suppose 
we do because we need java 5 to support 2.0 but portlet 1.0 doesn't 
support java 5.

If I understand correctly I can drop de ResourceUrlFactory because this 
is provided by the portal. I should then also be able to drop the wicket 
PORTLET_RESOURCE_URL_ATTR. Because the lifecycle of the request tells if 
the request is a resource request or not.

What I'm not sure about is the ServletContextProvider.  (from apache 
portal bridges) I can't really determine if I can drop this as well. For 
now I've left it in and it seems to work (on Liferay) but I could be 
doing some hybrid crossover now :)

And now I'm a bit stuck :) Liferay seems to have a problem with adding 
http headers in a portlet response. Preventing some ajax stuff from 
working.  It looks like the PortletResponse.addProperty(etc) is not 
implemented. So I've setup glassfisch with openportal-container 2.0 rc2, 
but that's not helping either I haven't been able to get Wicket running 
properly yet. The portlet bridge i've written seems to work, but when I 
click a link in the portletm, wicketfilterportletcontext.setupfilter() 
isn't able to find any of the set values in the request (not the 

Ate, how is Jetspeed doing with portlet 2.0? If I download trunk, will 
Wicket work and what is the status of jsr-286?


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