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From Adrian Cole <adr...@jclouds.org>
Subject updating website
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 07:22:05 GMT
Hi, team.

I'm all for immutable releases, but not necessarily immutable website content :)

Until we integrate jclouds 1.5, image selection code on aws-ec2
provider isn't going to work.  Since our quick-start is on ec2 vs
rackspace, this means the new user trying this is likely to see a
crash and burn as their first experience with whirr.  We've gotta do
something about this.


Can we somehow update the above content on the website, noting that we
need to use a more recent image until we can patch 0.7.2 with an
explicit image id?

ex. this works fine, and a footnote that any recent image of natty
shown here should work http://cloud.ubuntu.com/ami/

--image-id=us-west-1/ami-33fda576 --location-id=us-west-1

The reason I'm concerned is that I'm presenting Whirr at Uberconf
tomorrow.   My plan was (like other conferences) to run the quick
start.  This not working and also not having instructions on how to
make it work will confuse new users.

Do you think this can be corrected?


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