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From Adrian Cole <adr...@jclouds.org>
Subject Whirr at PAX
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2011 02:24:14 GMT
Hi, team.

I had a pretty daring presentation at PAX [1].  A late session, there
were only 3 folks that showed up (interestingly all from Sweden); I
couldn't ask for a better 3, though!

I presented both Tom and my materials as it was 90m and I was looking
to use it wisely.  Tom's deck is a great intro, and mine goes into a
little more details, using some graphs Lars made on HBase.

Looking for action, I did 2 demos..

-- zookeeper ec2 with whirr 0.6.0  == easy
-- zookeeper ec2 with whirr 0.7.0, jclouds 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT == easy

then I got cocky

-- cassandra **cloudstack** with whirr 0.7.0, jclouds 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT
== only a little work needed [2]

Overall, I was quite happy with the audience and the performance of
0.7.0.. let's get it out the door!

[1] http://www.cloudsoftcorp.com/events/jclouds-hands-on-whirr-pax-2011/
[2] we need to make our ec2-only firewall support work with other apis
like cloudstack, possibly at jclouds level.  Also cassandra scripts
need to work when public IP is not plumbed to a local interface
(static nat).

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