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From Paolo Castagna <castagna.li...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: Quick question
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2011 16:43:52 GMT
Adrian Cole wrote:
> jclouds already has users who start several hundred JVMs (ex. Neotys), 
 > but they do not rely on SSH for configuration.

Hi Adrian,
when you say several hundred JVMs are you saying using jclouds directly
or using Apache Whirr?

Do you know anyone using Apache Whirr (perhaps with another cloud provider)
to provision 20-200 nodes Hadoop clusters?

I would be interested in any reference on this.

Maybe I ask a stupid question, apologies in advance (*): is it possible to
create an instance/image with all the software available on it and then
somehow clone/duplicate that instance?


(*) I am not an expert on any of the cloud infrastructures/providers out
     there... to me they are a bit like closed source code... I use them
     only when I really, really, need to. Otherwise: avoid. The less I need
     to learn about them, the better. This also explains why I like Whirr! :-)

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