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From 申远 <shenyua...@gmail.com>
Subject [DISCUSS] Weex Maturity Evaluation
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2019 03:26:02 GMT
Hi, there

I thought I have sent this email weeks ago and found it in my , but I couldn’t find it in
Apache Mail Archives, which is odd to me as well. Anyway, the content is shown as following
for those who missed the previous email :

I spent a few hours to evaluate the maturity for weex according to The Apache Project Maturity
Model  (http://community.apache.org/apache-way/apache-project-maturity-model.html <http://community.apache.org/apache-way/apache-project-maturity-model.html>),
it seems like there is still a big improvement space for weex community. I listed the requirement
that weex doesn’t meet:

> Code
> CD50
> The provenance of each line of code is established via the source code control system,
in a reliable way based on strong authentication of the committer. When third-party contributions
are committed, commit messages provide reliable information about the code provenance.
> Release
> RE50
> The release process is documented and repeatable to the extent that someone new to the
project is able to independently generate the complete set of artifacts required for a release.
> Quality
> QU30
> The project provides a well-documented, secure and private channel to report security
issues, along with a documented way of responding to them.
> QU40
> The project puts a high priority on backwards compatibility and aims to document any
incompatible changes and provide tools and documentation to help users transition to new features.
> QU50
> The project strives to respond to documented bug reports in a timely manner.
> Community
> CO20
> The community welcomes contributions from anyone who acts in good faith and in a respectful
manner and adds value to the project.
> CO30
> Contributions include not only source code, but also documentation, constructive bug
reports, constructive discussions, marketing and generally anything that adds value to the
> CO40
> The community is meritocratic and over time aims to give more rights and responsibilities
to contributors who add value to the project.
> CO50
> The way in which contributors can be granted more rights such as commit access or decision
power is clearly documented and is the same for all contributors.
> CO70
> The project strives to answer user questions in a timely manner.
> Consensus Building
> CS50
> All "important" discussions happen asynchronously in written form on the project's main
communications channel. Offline, face-to-face or private discussions that affect the project
are also documented on that channel.
> CS10
> The project maintains a public list of its contributors who have decision power -- the
project's PMC (Project Management Committee) consists of those contributors.
> CS20
> Decisions are made by consensus among PMC members and are documented on the project's
main communications channel. Community opinions are taken into account but the PMC has the
final word if needed.
> Independence
> IN10
> The project is independent from any corporate or organizational influence.
> IN20
> Contributors act as themselves as opposed to representatives of a corporation or organization.


1. Weex doesn’t meet some aspect of Code, Release and Quality, which is not a big problem,
as most of these are document work and may take several weeks to finish.

2. Weex has its weakness in community, Consensus Building and Independence which is a big
and serious problem.

3. According to Apache guide to successful graduation (https://incubator.apache.org/guides/graduation.html
> The project is considered to have a diverse community when it is not highly dependent
on any single contributor (there are at least 3 legally independent committers and there is
no single company or entity that is vital to the success of the project). Basically this means
that when a project mostly consists of contributors from one company, this is a sign of not
being diverse enough. 
Most of the committers are employees of Alibaba Group (including myself) and they are vital
to weex community, which is against the above rule. 
Weex community needs more diversity, more committers outside Alibaba Group.
Weex community may and should survive without committers of Alibaba Group.
4. Some useful data about the time spent in Apache Incubator(http://incubator.apache.org/projects/
There are 51 projects Apache Incubator, 20 of them joined the Incubator earlier than Weex
There are 194 projects graduated from Apache Incubator. It took them 588 days to graduate
from the incubator, and weex has joined the Incubator for 886 days. 

Any advice on how to improve the weex community?
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