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From Barbara Baughman <>
Subject Re: Velocity vs JSP vs FreeMarker
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2005 19:11:02 GMT
Speaking only to the issue of JSP vs. Velocity, I have done both.  I
found JSP to be a maintenance nightmare.  Even though, in many of my
projects I am both the M, V, and C person, I find it so much easier to
maintain if I organize the business logic in the programs and have
something very simple for the view part.

Other pluses:
1.) Easy to learn and write for anyone who can also do HTML.

2.) No need to worry about a designer-type messing with your program
code.  In fact, I handed over the web design for one of my major
projects to someone else last year, with no fear and great results.

3.) Changes to the template presentation details happen immediately,
without compiling or restarting.

4.) Less likelihood of giving a stack trace to a user.  In fact, I
don't know that I've ever seen it.  The template breaks, but the user
generally gets a blank screen, or the output stops sooner that

5.) Easy to troubleshoot the templates.  Since changes appear
immediately, you can easily play with them to get the look you want.
The Velocity Log explains problems with parsing, templates not found,
invalid methods, references not found, etc., giving the template name,
line number, character number, and a short explanation.

Barbara Baughman

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