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From Simon Christian <>
Subject Re: macro library
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2005 11:26:59 GMT
Tim Colson (tcolson) wrote:

Hi Tim,

>>I don't know personally, but I imagine if you were to create such a 
>>thing, it would be better as a Tool than a set of macros:
> Here's another perspective...
>>  - it's faster, which if you start rendering lots of simple 
>>HTML tags  like this could be relevant
> Got data on that? I'm not aware of any slow-downs incurred by having
> lots of macros.

Only empirical: I've run informal tests at times with equivalent 
functionality from a macro/tool method, and the tool has always won over 
and becomes significant when the functionality is being used a lot. This 
is likely to be inconsequential when thinking in terms of one page but 
if you're rendering simple HTML tags this way, perhaps not.

There is of course one undeniable minor slowdown associated with macros 
which tools don't have - at startup. This may not (should not) be a big 
deal for most however.

My preference for using a tool however comes down mostly to the fact 
that you can't overload macros. Perhaps more appropriate again in this 
case would be to use Velocity with ECS (or something similar). That's 
not a road I'll be travelling again though - as far as I'm concerned 
HTML stays in the template except where it's sufficiently complex to 
warrant a macro.

>>  - you have a lot more flexibility in pure Java 
> Hmm... a macro can always -use- tools if they really need java.
> And if they don't need it (see below)... then an advantage of Macro's is
> that the HTML author can easily see and change the specific HTML -
> without a recompile, and without understanding Java. Separation of roles
> is a good thing. :-)

Agree wholeheartedly in your last comment and in general, but exactly 
how much is a #href macro likely to change during a project...? When the 
macro becomes more complex I'm with you all the way ;)

- simon

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