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From "Anthony E. Carlos" <>
Subject Re: Tiles definitions without tiles-defs.xml
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 15:06:18 GMT

Thanks so much for the response. I'll look into how Tiles works on the 
jsp side and see if it can be duplicated in Velocity. I consider myself 
an intermediate level guy, so I don't know if my patches would be worth 

The problem I'm trying to overcome is that I have content creators (not 
web programmers) who need to be able to create pages. I'd like them to 
use Tiles because I'm (I'm the programmer) using Tiles and if I update 
a Tile, it would be great for the whole site to be updated. The problem 
is that I want to avoid having content creators touch tiles-defs.xml or 
struts-config.xml, or have to reload/restart Tomcat.

In "Struts in Action," page 329, Husted writes that the body-wrap 
deployment for Tiles is appropriate to avoid creating an extra tile. 
His example uses insert and put tags to create the definition on the 
fly. Since this doesn't currently work with Velocity, I'm using 
Velocity's #parse() directive to simulate some of the tiles stuff. It's 
a little bit messy, but I think it will work.

Oh yeah, I'm using eyebrowse now and it works fine.

Thanks so much,


 > Hi Anthony,

 >> Does anyone know how to create a Tiles definition from within a
 >> Velocity page? I'm trying to avoid having to declare each page in
 >> tiles-defs.xml.

 > None that I know of.  In my last project I had terribly large
 > tiles-*-def.xml's.  :(
 > As they all say in open source land, "all patches are welcome".  ;)

 >> BTW, I searched the Mail Archive, but many of the links are bad.

 > Were you using eyebrowse?
 > Please report any links pointing the old  The
 > prefered jakarta mailing list archive is now eyebrowse.

 > Best regards,
 > -- Shinobu Kawai

 > --
 > Shinobu Kawai <>

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