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From "Tim Colson" <>
Subject RE: Veltag - location in cvs
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 17:09:30 GMT

> "velocity tool" in some sense, it doesn't have much to do 
> with the present VelocityTools codebase.
Heh heh, but it has even less to do with core velocity stuff... hence the
contrib/temporary/please/go/away status it has today. <grin>

> and are there any Veltag users out there that would be 
> interested in stepping up to [help] take care of this code?
Hah. I've used it to sneak in Velocity, and then some of those pages were
never 'upgraded' after VelocityViewServlet became available... so I guess
I'm still a Veltag 'user'. The code hasn't seen much (any?) change in uh...
a couple of years? 

If it didn't live in such a hidden place, maybe more folks would try it out
and would help maintain it. Maybe. 

Heck, is there even a documentation page for Veltag?  

If no -- I could throw the basic info onto a wiki page and point to it from
the new FAQ.

Speaking of the wiki -- howabout a link from the Velocity and VelocityTools
projects to the wiki (so folks have some chance at seeing there is a FAQ
now.) ?


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