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From Andy Cooke <>
Subject Re: accessing $session when using VelocityLayoutServlet
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2004 14:16:37 GMT
Hi Christoph,

sorry not to reply earlier on.

> if you are using velocity as the template engine, i suggest you consider
> using anakia (with built in xpath support!) or siply JDOM + JXPath or
> even any DOM parser and Jaxen or JXPath to do the XML query and retrieval
> for the presentation layer. I've used it sucessfully to do online
> transformations.

I wasn't completely sure how anakia might help with on-the-fly xml
manipulation/presentation, as it seems to be closely tied to ant -
unless you mean running ant on the fly?

> In the velocity area there is also DVSL - which is declarative as XSLT,
> but currently (to my knowledge) it is a standalone application and is
> tied to a specific DOM implementation. Thus not ready to integrate into
> a servlet webapp. (Maybe you can take the challenge to change the model
> to use plain DOM and JXpath?)

er, maybe.  I took a brief look at the source code.  Do you mean
permanently replacing dom4j with dom in the code, or altering code so
that there could be a choice of models?



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