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From Nathan Bubna <>
Subject Re: rendering velocity in websphere
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 01:15:59 GMT
Tim Colson said:
> Nathan wrote:
> > Brian, i concur with Tim.
> Heh heh... mark this day on your calendars. <grin>


> > in fact, i would be very surprised if [VelocityLayoutServlet] could
> > be made to work with [Turbine] at all.
> Been there. Done that. No success.
> I spent about a week trying to get Jetspeed (which runs on Turbine) to play
> nice with Struts and VelocityViewServlet before throwing my hands up in the
> air and succumbing instead to learn how to write Turbine Actions. <grin>
> For anyone who wants to try... the main problem seemed to be that the
> Velocity instance created by Turbine was a singleton and I couldn't get the
> necessary WebAppLoader Resource loader config'd to run in that instance.

i've spent a few hours here and there working on this (moving VVS to
VelocityEngine), and the biggest hangup is still logging stuff (though there
are other small ones due to the smaller API of VelocityEngine).  i think i
might have a solution, but it's not ideal and i haven't had time to test it

as for getting the two singleton configs to play nice, i dunno.  you'd
probably just have to coax the VVS to use whatever configuration Turbine has.

Nathan Bubna

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