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From Nathan Bubna <>
Subject Re: rendering velocity in websphere
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 19:23:58 GMT
brian said:
> I am having trouble showing my velocity templates in websphere. The
> first issue is in my web.xml file, I have tried to enter the first page
> of the application which is Login.vm.  When I enter it as :
> /templates/app/screens/Login.vm , it does not include the layout which
> has the same name in the layouts directory.  When I enter it as
> /templates/app/layouts/Login.vm, it cannot find my images which are
> entered as <img src="$content.getURI("images/myBanner.gif")"> and it
> does not show the content for $screen_placeholder or $screen_content.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Please listen carefully.  if you are using the VelocityLayoutServlet (as i
presume you still are from previous emails), then (for the third time) you
should read

and do what it says.  If you have a problem, check the directions again before
asking about it.  The document above describes how to set and use layouts at
some length.  If you had read it and paid attention, you would know that
merely having a layout template of the same name as the screen template is
*not* one of the ways to do layouts with the VelocityLayoutServlet.   that's
how Turbine works, Turbine does not use the VelocityLayoutServlet, nor vice
versa.  They are two entirely separate things.

The same goes for the $content tool.  That is a *Turbine* tool, it is not part
of VelocityTools and the VelocityLayoutServlet will *not* make it available
for you in the context.

Oh, and once you have read

you should read

Please do this as a favor to those of us patiently (well, not really anymore)
answering your questions on this list.  It is fairly ridiculous that you have
been pointed to

in two previous emails and are still asking questions that are clearly and exp
licitly answered therein.  We write documentation so that we don't have to
explain the same things over and over again to every newbie.


Nathan Bubna

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