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From Nathan Bubna <>
Subject Re: velocity tools - huge footprint
Date Sun, 06 Jun 2004 06:07:07 GMT
John Rothfield said:
> Yes, I'm still working with the old versions, which didn't have 3 jars.

if you're talking about VelocityTools, then you aren't talking about a
released version.  Our distros have included three jars since well before our
first release.  They still do today.

> At 03:10 PM 6/3/2004 -0500, [Mike] wrote:
> >you had to work hard to miss this one  ;)
> >
> >In the download, you should find a text file named: WHY_THREE_JARS.txt

or to read it online:

John Rothfield said:
> >> I've used velocity and velocity tools and its been great.
> >> Recently, I noticed that velocity was adding a huge overhead
> >> in terms of libraries and XML. I'm just wanting to use the
> >> VelocityViewServlet. Is there a slimmed down version of the
> >> tools that just provides VelocityViewServlet without all the
> >> struts stuff?

yes.  that's what  is about.
just pull the velocity-tools-view.jar out of the distro, make sure you have
the necessary runtime dependencies (see below), and enjoy!

VelocityView - Runtime dependencies
- velocity-tools-view (1.0 or higher)
- velocity-dep (1.3.1 or higher)
- commons-beanutils (1.6.1 or higher)
- commons-digester (1.5 or higher)
- servlet (2.2 or higher)
- commons-logging (only if you use the LogSystem/commons-logging integration)

now, i really don't think those are a "huge footprint" for a velocity web
application.  and actually, if you aren't using the toolbox support, you might
even get away with leaving out beanutils and digester at runtime.

Nathan Bubna

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