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From "Dariusz Dober" <>
Subject Memory problem
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 20:21:18 GMT
I have the problem with memory, while generating website.
My task is to produce simple site with results. But the problem is that, generation of  1000
takes about 400MB RAM, and this cannot be accepted. My application is likely to handle 2000
rows, and I want to avoid extending memory. So i'm looking for other solutions.

every 100 rows take approximately 30MB of memory. 
At first i divided the whole collection into smallest one's (collection of collections), and
after every small collection i ran garbage collector. Then i found out that it didn't work.
It only works, when page generation process is completed. In my opinion it shouldn't be in
the way like this, or i do sth wrong.

I have to solve that problem, somehow. I don't want to divide results in pages

Any help would be appreciated

Best regards

I have sth like that

#foreach ($result in $list)


and peace of search-results.vtl:

#set ($column="last")
#if ($columnList.containsKey($column))

#set ($column="first")
#if ($columnList.containsKey($column))

#set ($column="second")
#if ($columnList.containsKey($column))
  <td><span class="value">$!result.getMember().secondName </span></td>

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