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From Nathan Bubna <>
Subject Re: Character encoding issues with the new tiles tool
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 02:37:27 GMT
Slavik Markovich said:
> I'm trying to use the new tiles tool and having problems with
> Hebrew characters.
> To be specific, I've set up velocity to use Cp1255 (Hebrew-windows)
> or ISO-8859-8 in the velocity properties file.
> If I add Hebrew text in the main template or not use the tiles tool,
> everything is fine.
> If I'm using tiles and have Hebrew in one of the tiles, it appears as
> question marks.

if the Hebrew works fine in the main template, but not in a tile definition,
then it sounds to me like an issue with Tiles.  i don't know much about Tiles
though, so i'm really not sure.  i was kinda hoping someone more familiar with
Tiles could point you in the right direction.

here's a question, can you do this with JSP?  also, have you tried asking for
help with this on the struts-user list?  someone there may have a better idea
of what's going on.

> I believe it has something to do with double translation that happens
> when first the velocity tile is parsed and included (Hebrew characters
> get translated) and then the template is parsed and characters are
> again translated but this is just a guess.

no, the TilesTool doesn't work like that.  the output of a call to
$tiles.get('my_tile') is not parsed as part of the template it is found in.
in other words, each tile is parsed and rendered separately, the result of
which is included *as-is* in the final output.  hmm.  could this problem have
something to do with a tile being in one encoding and the template it's
included in being in an incompatible one?

> I'm using jdk1.3.1 on windows with velocity 1.3.1 and
> velocity-tools 1.1 beta.

Disclaimer:  i am not an expert in Tiles or encoding issues.  so, if anything
i said above is nonsense, i apologize.

Nathan Bubna

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