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From "Nathan Bubna" <>
Subject Re: veltools ServletException on init() for toolbox.xml
Date Sat, 05 Apr 2003 21:23:16 GMT
John said:
> I am can utilize Velocity/Struts/Tomcat without problem or Exceptoin
> until I place the toolbox.xml as was laid out in the velocity-tools
> examples into the WEB-INF directory and the Tomcat tries to load these
> classes during initialization.

weird.  have you tried loading an empty toolbox.xml?  (i.e. is it the
loading/initializing of the tools or the reading/loading of the toolbox file
that is causing the problem?)

try loading a toolbox.xml that just contains:


also, check on the dom4j.jar being used.  is your app using the one in CVS
for velocity-tools?  if yes, is there another version in the classpath?  i
don't think this is the issue (dom4j shouldn't be throwing
ServletExceptions), but it is relevant to toolbox loading and i'm at a loss
right now so it's worth double-checking.

> I have placed the ServletException for the Servlet.init() failure at
> the bottom of this file as well as configuration information.

was there any relevant messages in the servlet context log? (or in whatever
your velocity configuration is using for logging?)  it's difficult to tell
where this ServletException is being thrown.  there's quite a bit that
happens during the VelocityViewServlet.init() method.

> Does anybody know what the problem might be or else
> have a working version that takes into account the required ISP
> versions for Java and Tomcat?
>  I am using:
> Java 1.4.1 (restricted to use this)
> Tomcat 4.1.24 (restricted to using this)
> jakarta-struts-1.1-rc1
> velocity-dep-1.3.1.jar (just released)
> jakarta-velocity-tools (current build from CVS)
> jakarta-velocity-dvsl (current build from CVS)

i'm using pretty much the same setup, except i'm using the CVS head of
velocity and struts, but i'd be quite surprised if that made a difference
here.  those libraries are barely involved in the
reading/loading/initializing of the toolbox.

anyway, i'm really not sure at all what the problem is.  so, yeah, any more
information you can send would be helpful.  (especially log output to see
how far things got along)

Nathan Bubna

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