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From "David Kinnvall" <>
Subject Re: limiting access to a context object's methods
Date Sun, 05 May 2002 00:26:49 GMT

From: "Jonathan Revusky" <>
> David, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I did clearly say above that 
> "certain people" don't want to hear it. I did not say "all of the 
> people" nor did I refer specifically to you.

That is indeed correct. The specific writing did not say
this, but the tone of the message could be, how should I
put it, a bit more diplomatic in places, perhaps?

> Actually, I would imagine that people who are not ego-involved with 
> Velocity (most users) would be glad to hear about other things in this 
> space.

Probably, if presented in a slightly less confrontational manner.

> > about this type of comparisons, be it with FreeMarker, WebMacro,
> > JSP (yech), XSLT or whatever. The problem seems to be you, and
> > that you knowingly or unknowingly ignore this fact (yes, fact.)
> I am glad to hear that you keep a mind open. That's refreshing. This was 
> simply not the feedback I had been getting so far. We've also had this 
> comical situation where a guy says openly that he's going to take the 
> opportunity to flame my work and this is somehow my fault.

Whatever. To avoid further flame-fests, misunderstandings,
off-topic threads and what-not, may I propose the following?

- Keep the more glaring advertisements out of the body text
  (I think you are already doing this, as a matter of fact)
- Try to *not* get confrontational, even if provoked (that
  is hard but is often worth it)
- Be on-topic and current, as in forgetting the past and
  being constructive about the specific problem at hand

By doing this we should all be able to come out of this with
further enhanced tools, in both the FreeMarker and Velocity
camps, and that can't be bad, can it?

Best regards,


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