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From "Tim Colson" <>
Subject RE: [Veltools] WebappLoader not loading
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 18:40:52 GMT
Aside - reading/deleting/gritting-my-teeth over 180 posts from the last
48 hours proved only that some people can be such choads, and despite
being a fan of free uncensored speech, I wonder if this list can
automagically filter out any post with a short-list of 4 letter words?

Anyway - on to the thread I started :-) It's mostly just an FYI trail in
case others find themselves with the same odd situation.

> I now have the 'old' version of my app running again 
> using Veltools and webappLoader, so I'll start going piece by 
> piece to see what's different between this app and the one 
> that isn't loading correctly.

I pulled my hair out on this one for quite a while, and finally decided
to change web.xml to load the Velocity servlet FIRST, before our custom
extended Struts servlet. That did the trick -- the log WebappLoader
loads, logging happens, but 'velocity.log' file is NOT created.

I'm not sure of the real culprit, but I'll reply again if I do find it. 

Oh, and I still like '&' for concat <grin>

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