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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: pull model design pattern question
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 19:04:26 GMT
on 9/13/01 7:00 AM, "Dennis Doubleday" <> wrote:

> At 02:38 AM 9/13/01, you wrote:
>> "Hey Lane, how about making some sense and explain yourself clearly instead
>> of wasting all of our time with weird ramblings about weird off topic
>> stuff."
> Why do you feel the need to humiliate people who are trying to learn from you?

I'm not sure how my original response on this subject was offensive at all.
I spent about half an hour of my time documenting how to solve the problem
as well as YEARS of my time helping write code to solve problems so that you
can take advantage of the solutions (for free). So quickly you forget all of

On the other hand, Lane has done an excellent job of trying to sell himself
on the lists (and in private email) by creating obscure documents on his
website that point to his commercial software (meaning that he tells you all
about his "cool thing" and then points you to his website where you can buy
it or read about it...not that reading about it makes any sense) as well as
attempting to bash our efforts here in Velocity land [1] and has flamed me
for creating Velocity in the first place.

[1] <>

Needless to say, Lane is on my list as someone who takes and takes and never
gives anything worthwhile back.

> You know the tables and columns in the database and Torque has generated
> objects to map to them. If your business object is the product of a join
> which selects a subset of fields from among many tables, and the nature of
> the object is determined by input from the end user, then Torque hasn't
> (and could not have) generated any such object in advance.

Correct. However, handling that case is a fairly trivial thing to do and the
pull model (and Velocity) still supports getting a list of generic bean
objects that would allow you to easy implement this as needed.


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