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From piero de salvia <>
Subject semi-on-topic question
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2001 19:13:58 GMT
hi guys,

i have a question that only marginally relates to
Velocity, but it helps people that build sites with
Velocity I think.

what is the correct-truly-OO way of invoking methods
[besides Turbine] in response to form submittals ?

Is it reflection? That means form submits should be
named after Java methods. this seems to me poor
encapsulation, or brittle at least. Looking them up in
a hash ? And even so, after you look it up, say you
get a pointer to a class that has to do an if else
chain, right? Poor OO again.

Some people in the list will wonder if I will ever
learn Java programming....

yours affectionately,


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