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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: benchmarking velocity
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2000 10:12:06 GMT
On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Justin Wells wrote:

> I tried to benchmark velocity but I didn't get very far. 
> First, I had to remove the #foreach directives from my 
> templates. 

#foreach $item in [ ... ] 

in your templates possibly. I haven't put that in 
the parser yet.

> Velocity reported some kind of parsing error
> so long as they remained in the template, complaining 
> that it still expected to see something when it reached
> the end of the file. I'm not sure why. The templates 
> contained fairly complex HTML so I figured there must
> be something confusing Velocity there.

Can I see the templates? Just mail them to me. There are
things still not implemented, but I'll take everything
that broke and stick it in the testbed.
> Anyway, I removed the #foreach directives and continued
> on trying to benchmark. Velocity worked at this point, but
> it didn't work very well. 

I have only run tests just straight parsing. Haven't
looked at the servlet. Dave is working on that, and
he's waiting for me to implement some things. And he's
turned the caching off, again he's waiting for me to
fix things in the parser.

> I was able to view the page in my browser, but every time 
> I tried to hammer it with Apache Benchmark it got really 
> unhappy. A couple of times I got Out of Memory errors, and
> Apache Benchmark reports lots of bad connections. 

That's what you get for four weeks of the block :)

> I think I must be using it wrong. 

Probably not. I'm focusing on the parser right now (this
is the third incarnation of the parser). But I'll look
at the templates.

Any ideas what happened?

Note sure. Probably a combo of unimplemented directives
and some unimplemented syntax. I'm actually surprise it even sort 
of worked in your browser! I'll be working on the parser
tomorrow so the best thing is to send the template and
I'll keep at it.



Jason van Zyl

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