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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: introspection
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 11:18:48 GMT
On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Tim Joyce wrote:

> Jason,
> > We have most of the directives (even one I believe you don't
> > that WM have requested #if/#elseif/.../#else), and I plan
> > to post the design of the parser and a caching system
> > tomorrow. I'm also hoping that tomorrow Bob (of iSpock)
> > and I will be able to plug WM's introspection mechanism
> > into Velocity. Bob has had experience with this as he
> > has done it with iSpock.
> what do you think of introspection?  AFAICT, it provides little more that
> allowing
> $Foo instead of $getFoo()
> (which does have a little value).
> Thew rest of the automagicing it achieves appears to be more confusing than
> useful.
> If you dump introspection, you can have Type Checking in Templates, which
> has got to be good?

It might be but we're opting for strict WM compatibility.
I actually like the way WM does introspection. I find it
quite handy :)
> We have done a little work in this area, but it havn't got very far (we are
> reviewing if it worth persuing the project in the light of recent happenings
> :), perhaps it is useful for ideas for Velocity?

All ideas are appreciated. I don't think there is any worry
about having a viable solution. WM work now, and Velocity
will provide a smooth upgrade path. Our code bases will
at some point in the future eventually merge. So I don't
think there should be any fear there. Both projects
are now being hosted by the ASF and that can only
bring about good things.



Jason van Zyl

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