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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Plans
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 11:13:52 GMT
On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Tim Joyce wrote:

> yes, I have now understood this.  The JServ / Tomcat transition appeared to
> work well, was there any resentment on the part of JServ developers?  Or did
> they clearly see that their code needed a complete rewrite.
> I appreciate you have had very little time to review the WM code, but apart
> from the Parser, what technical deficiencies do you feel it has?

As of right now:

1. introspection not as complete.
2. needs better logging
3. servlet implementation isn't complete
4. caching isn't finished
5. not 100% of the directives are implemented
   #use is missing but that's because text gets parsed properly
6. Dynamic directives aren't there.


1. I just checked in a version of WM introspection
   engine five minutes ago, I got it to build under
   Velocity and by the end of day I hope remove the
   little engine I made with the WM one.

2. There are lots of good logging systems around.
   One will be integrated from another project.
3. Servlet implementation is coming along quickly

4. Two of us are working on caching. We are trying
   to integrate our thoughts at the moment.

5. It's not hard to add directives. And I will
   probably add them all to the parser for 
   compatibility #use, and I'll probably add
   #begin/#end even though they're not needed
   in Velocity. But we've got #if/#elseif/.../#else !

6. Bob (of iSpock) has got an idea about how
   to implement Dynamic directives with the
   current parser implementation. And I think
   I have one too so we'll have a little
   melding of the minds ;)

I'm the first to admit there deficiencies at
the moment. But they're going away rapidly.
I'm going to leverage as much WM code as I
can as fast as I can to get a first iteration
done. To learn and to write some extensive docs
so others can help more easily. I would like
to do one pass very quickly to see how it goes.



Jason van Zyl

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