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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Velocity, WebMacro, and the future
Date Sat, 26 Aug 2000 09:19:46 GMT
on 8/26/2000 2:13 AM, "Justin Wells" <> wrote:

> Ok, on this condition: We rename the project Apache-Webmacro, we put in
> place the WebMacro code base, and we work on merging your better parser
> into WM's parsing framework (make it implement org.webmacro.parser and
> support the DirectiveBuilder architecture).

Sorry. No more "conditions" games. You already burned your condition limit
with the previous one.

I think Apache Velocity is a much cooler name than WebMacro. I have always
had a negative view on products that used the word "Web" in their name.
Totally overused concept.

Once you MPL/APL your code, we will consider implementing the parts of your
arch that we like.

> I would like to lead the project, and I would like people commit to
> performance as a primary goal. There are a lot of design decisions in
> WM's core which as primary maintainer I'm not sure other people really
> understand and I'm a bit worried that people will break things without
> realizing it.

Nope. That is not how the Jakarta Project works. For the guidelines, please
see the website. This is all well documented.


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