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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Velocity, WebMacro, and the future
Date Sat, 26 Aug 2000 08:51:52 GMT
on 8/26/2000 1:49 AM, "Justin Wells" <> wrote:

> Velocity has a long way to go to catch up to where WebMacro is now, and for
> what I'm doing today, I need something that is already there. Not something
> that will take another year to materialize.
> Note the parser you keep talking about is only 800 lines of code in WM.
> It's a small, small piece of the puzzle and you haven't even begun to
> work on the rest. Caching is also a very small part of it.

Oh master, please tell me more about this puzzle you speak of!

Dude. It is a parser, an introspection engine, a template serializer and a
caching mechanism. We are not talking rocket science here and we have proven
that by re-implementing most of that in 2 weeks time. Another 2 weeks and we
will be 2x as far, if not more because we have the developer resources of
some of the best Java engineers out there.

> Yeah I don't, and I still don't, but I'm not as stuck on the license
> as you are.

Then why did you waste 5 months of my time???????? If you weren't as stuck,
then you should have simply gone with the APL and not wasted everyone's

> I'm sorry you had to put resources into it,
> but right now the right thing to do is merge and move forward together.

Ok. Come merge with the Velocity project.


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