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From "Andrew (Tver)">
Subject Re[4]: parser technology
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2000 07:30:39 GMT
Hello Jason,

The metamata site is still unavailable for me (I try agian and again -
zero) - I have no ideas why.
So my mail-box is open for you regardless the attachments size :-)
I'l be waiting. Thanks!

Thursday, August 31, 2000, 10:21:35 AM, you wrote:

JvZ> Hi,

>> Nevethelee I have found JavaCC 1.01 WITHOUT any tutorials/references
>> May be you have them - I will be happy to get them via zipped/jared email/href.
>> Have you a minute to help me?

JvZ> You should try to get through to the site 1.01 won't cut it.
JvZ> You need the 1.1 version. In the 1.1 version there is a full
JvZ> set of examples to work from.

JvZ> If you are completely blocked off from the site then,
JvZ> I will see if I can send you a copy. I'll check with MetaMata
JvZ> first. Shouldn't be a problem, it's a free download.

JvZ> Let me know if you can't get to the site. There are
JvZ> a bunch of valuable resources there including a library
JvZ> of grammars which is very interesting, and they have
JvZ> old FAQs and archives of the mailing lists

JvZ> jvz.

Best regards,

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