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From Justin Wells <>
Subject Re: Velocity, WebMacro, and the future
Date Sat, 26 Aug 2000 08:49:37 GMT

> > I admit this all pissed me off at first. But I'm not really capable of
> > holding grudges so I'm not pissed off anymore. Instead I am interested
> > in doing whatever it takes to mend the fences and bring everyone back
> > under a common source tree.
> Whatever it takes? Ok. I will vote +1 to include you as a developer for
> Velocity so that you can kill WebMacro. Sounds perfect to me? How about the
> rest of you?

Velocity has a long way to go to catch up to where WebMacro is now, and for
what I'm doing today, I need something that is already there. Not something
that will take another year to materialize. 

Note the parser you keep talking about is only 800 lines of code in WM. 
It's a small, small piece of the puzzle and you haven't even begun to
work on the rest. Caching is also a very small part of it.

> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Let me quote you once again:
> > I don't like  the MPL's handling of some things.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Yeah I don't, and I still don't, but I'm not as stuck on the license 
as you are. I was trying to create something better. Now I think it's
more important to avoid a code fork. I don't see that as hard to 
understand: I'd prefer one code base under an inferior license to
two codebases with one under a better license.

Right now you're really angry. So was I when I first read your post, but
I calmed myself down. We both need to do what is best for the user base
here, and that is *not* two separate implementations. 

There's no way, even with my help, that Velocity is going to be where 
WebMacro is anytime soon. I'm sorry you had to put resources into it, 
but right now the right thing to do is merge and move forward together.


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