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From Justin Wells <>
Subject Velocity, WebMacro, and the future
Date Sat, 26 Aug 2000 06:00:23 GMT
I looked at Velocity and I see that you've got it up to about where WM
was at version 0.30, prior to the first release. Not bad for three weeks
of work, you've obviously got some competent people working on it. You
have a long way to go with it though, and all of that work will be 
repeating things I've done with WebMacro.

You should all know that I've worked very hard over the last six months
to create an open source license that I believed would be better than 
both the MPL and the Apache license, but very much in the same spirit. 
It was intended to be a better license for Java programs than the MPL,
and one that was simple and easy for average developers to read.

You can see the product of all that work here:

The ASF and Jon have had many concerns with this license over time, but
I've worked quite hard to remove everything from it that was a concern.
So far as I know, all of those concerns have been addressed. It was my
intention to fix any concerns that remained.

However, I'm an extremely busy person and I guess I was too slow in 
seeing this process pushed through to completion. I still believe in 
the SPL, but in the meantime it's obvious I should have provided you 
all with an alternative until the SPL is ready for prime time. 

I apologize for that. 

There's no doubt that my slowness has resulted in this fork in WM. I 
want to say that it was honestly because I've been busy. If I'd known 
you were so intent on forking, I would have MPL'd it for you prior to 
now. I didn't realize how pressing your needs were I guess, and I'm 
sorry for that too.

I admit this all pissed me off at first. But I'm not really capable of
holding grudges so I'm not pissed off anymore. Instead I am interested
in doing whatever it takes to mend the fences and bring everyone back
under a common source tree.

There's no way that we could bring Velocity up to where WebMacro is 
in short order. It's got too far to go, and I have pressing deadlines 
with respect to WM. We're rolling WM out on one of the largest sites
on the net soon, and I just can't throw that all away to go and work 
on Velocity--it's a good start, but only a fraction of the way to 
where WebMacro is now.

Later this evening I am going to release a snapshot of WebMacro that 
has a huge performance gain over the previous snapshot. My feeling 
these days is that WM has a theoretical performance advantage over
JSP, and if it isn't already faster than JSP, it will be soon. I 
intend to make WebMacro the highest performance page generation 
system that there is--so that it can work under great tools like
Turbine to give us all an edge over the non-Java world.

The snapshot will come out under the MPL.

I know there are a lot of egos involved here, and some of you have put
good long hours into Velocity so far. But if we don't mend the fences 
and move forward together it's going to cost us all. 

You guys have a difficult choice to make now. I'm putting WebMacro 
under a license you can work with. It's way ahead of where you are. It
would be bad for us all to fork. We all know that, deep down. 

Are we going to bury the hatchet and move the world forward? Or are 
we going to split resources between moving WebMacro foward and you
reimplementing what I've already done?

I may be difficult to deal with sometimes, mostly owing to how busy I've
been over the last while. I could really use your help, and I don't 
hold grudges. 

Let's be friends.


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