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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: Other languages?
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 20:13:13 GMT
On 1/7/06, Will Glass-Husain <> wrote:
> As I said before, I think Velocity is more Component than Framework -- in
> other words a library serving a specific purpose in an app rather than an
> over-arching application container.

Yep, which is exactly how I use it. There are other factors to whether
something should stay or promote I think; framework/component is just
an easy one. So we probably don't want to get too stuck on it.

I'm on the fence as to whether it should be promoted or not. A +0 if you will.

> Inviting NVelocity to join is an interesting but (to me) not currently
> compelling idea.

Fair enough. :)

> If Jakarta is to be the "Java component brand" of Apache -
> would a .Net port be a useful fit?   I'd like to see this idea arise out of

More 'the small Java component brand'. ie) Velocity could be big
enough to be out there with log4j; but Collections probably isn't.

> I'm also a bit skeptical that Velocity would work as a TLP until we build up
> the committer base.  Right now there's 3 mildly active committers and 2
> dormant ones.  Not enough I think to run a TLP.

It's enough. A tight focus means that the chair job should be pretty
easy (worth asking some of the chairs with much tighter communities).
Just an email every 3 months. Some of those emails are "It was a quiet
quarter, these are the 2 things that happened, the user list remains
active and questions are getting answered. " Being TLP doesn't
encumber you with any increase in need to be active etc.

> Appreciate all your thinking about this.  I'll shut up now and see if anyone
> else has opinions.  Henning's been quiet the last couple of weeks but I know
> he felt strongly about this at ApacheCon.

No worries. Just lightly pushing to see which way you all go :)


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