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From Matías Giovannini <>
Subject Re: OT: MVC Purity :-)
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 17:51:27 GMT
What about overriding directives? That way you could have an 
alternative implementation of #set and #if that supports full-fledged 
expression evaluation.

What I don't like much is having:

   if (Environment.getEnvironment().isSimpleMathInForce()) {
     // classic VM evaluation rules
   } else {
     // newfangled FP arithmetic

all over the evaluation code. Not from the standpoint of efficiency, 
but of code prettiness.

On Jan 8, 2004, at 2:29 PM, Nathan Bubna wrote:

> Matías Giovannini said:
>> Can't we make math pluggable à la Tools, but with some syntactic sugar
>> + background automagic to integrate it seamlessly with VTL? Perhaps
>> with a couple of directives, say #let(<ref> = <expr>) and
>> #when(<expr>).
> ugh.  new directives to do the same things, just for different types?  
> neither B.C. nor floating point support is worth this confusion and
> redundancy.  if it came to it, i'd rather we left things as they are 
> than do
> this.

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