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From "Nathan Bubna" <>
Subject Re: [VELTOOLS] Documentation - proposed update
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 21:22:23 GMT
Tim said:
> Would just like to know from Nathan/Gabriel that generally speaking this
> bag of proposed stuff looks mostly ok.

apart from the naming issues, i think they're mostly ok.

> I thought it would be easier for folks to eyeball the overall structure
> with a built html version, rather than each person applying a dozen
> separate patches just to get a quick look before saying, "no thanks".

for documentation changes of this degree, i do appreciate this.

> That said, do folks want me to start sending in each page's diff?

probably not yet.  the naming thing is still a hang-up IMHO.

> Should they be attached to a bugzilla bug report?
> What makes folks happy, one bug report or multiple?
> (BTW I hate calling documentation changes bugs, because aside from the
> true bug Nathan pointed out, the other stuff is largely subjective.)

as far as i'm concerned, there can be bugs (typos or out-of-sync info) in
documentation, but at this point, there is little documentation and
velocity-tools doesn't really exist in bugzilla at this point, so i'm ok
with posts to the dev-list.

Nathan Bubna

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