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From sean <>
Subject Re: [Veltools] ToolboxManager (round 4 :-)
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 18:24:55 GMT
In message <>, Gabriel Sidler 
<> writes
>>>- I am quite uncomfortable with the proposed init method of 
>>>     public void init(Object initData);
>>>   This is virtually moving us back to C-times where we worked with pointers
>>>   and suffered from all kind of related problems. The interface is basically
>>>   specified through the documentation. Yes, this approach
>>>   keeps the interface between tools and the toolbox manager simple. But,
>>>   the price is a problematic, underspecified, error-prone interface.
>> That's too high a price.
>>  Really?  I'll be sure to pass that on to Turbine-land where this has 
>> great for their PullService for quite some time now.  Someone should warn
>> them of their impending doom!  :-)  ok, maybe that's a little dramatic...
>Well, I don't think this pull tool interface it their masterpiece of software
>engineering. It's a working compromise.

As co-author of the Turbine PullService, I have to agree with Gabe here. 
I was never completely happy with this aspect of the API, and really 
only agreed to implement it because there was a precedent elsewhere in 
the Turbine code (can't remember where now).

If you can find a better approach, use it! (And maybe suggest the 
improvement back over in Turbine-land).

Sean Legassick
         ignorance is not bliss

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