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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject Re: How to contribute?
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 13:10:45 GMT
On 5/14/02 8:55 AM, "Mikkel Bruun" <> wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> Im a new member on this list, and I have only been working with velocity
> for a couple of weeks.
> I have developed a simple servlet filter that invokes velocity on the
> output before sending it to the browser.

That's cool!

> Why? Now adays most webapps are pretty complex. Usually the main
> application is based on some sort of mvc framework (struts?) to control
> and execute the logic of the application. This model works fine ;-)
> However, most websites also need some form of content management system
> (CMS), such as opem market, broad vision or rool-your-own
> implementation.
> So, when you as a developer implements a form for a webapp you need to
> think about both the application and whatever complex things it has to
> handle AND integration to the CMS.
> This makes the development proces more complex, as your app all of a
> sudden needs to integrate with other components (especially in the jsp
> layer).
> So, my take on it is...develop your app in jsp (it's a 'standard', no
> way aorund it)...
> Extend my filter to do CMS related data access and parse it into the
> html using velocity...

This is bordering on lunacy :)  We make the argument that you *don't* need

> During development you'll just have some simple velocity tags in your
> code that doesn't affect your overall application.
> When its time to integration just add the filter and your pages will be
> populated with the CMS data...

Ok - that's good.

> Does this make any sense?? If so, how can I contribute the code to you
> guys?? If ot doesnt make sense, tell me and I will creep back under my
> stone..

It makes perfect sense.  I personally don't agree with the assertion that
you *must* use JSP to make the pages (we tend to do that well in Velocity) -
however, it is a clever solution, if you have to use the JSP to create the

This quibble about JSP aside, you clearly need this, and others may too.
This would be a nice thing to add to the Velocity contrib section, or the
jakarta-velocity-tools subproject.  I think it would get more visibility in
the -tools part, as we are trying to push things related to using velocity
in this environment into there.

So if you wish to contribute, you should :

1) Make sure that the code can be donated freely to the ASF. (I.e. An
employer or client won't have a claim to the code)

2) Put the Apache Software License at the top of every file, as you see we
do with the Velocity code.

3) Submit to us via the user or dev list.  We will review and decide if we
want to accept.  I can't imagine why we wouldn't, but that is always a
> Sorry for my poor english

Your English is great.  My Danish is non-existent.  Lets keep it in English
> Regards 
> Mikkel
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Geir Magnusson Jr.
Research & Development, Adeptra Inc.

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